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Looking to become a billet?

With the Miller Express twenty-sixth season in Moose Jaw just around the corner, the team is searching for new billet families for the 2018 campaign.

The Miller Express bring in great collegiate ball players from all over Canada and the U.S.A. to play at Ross Wells Park from the end of May until the middle of August. The Miller Express are looking for families that are willing to bring these players into their homes and make them part of the family for the summer.

The Miller Express are searching for billet families that are willing to open their doors to one or two players. For compensation, the Miller Express give the family $300 per player per month plus 2 season tickets for the 2018 season. The families need to live in Moose Jaw so that the players can find their own way to the park.

Players can be great mentors to young kids and can teach them so much about the game of baseball and life in general. In many cases they have become part of the family with players returning year after year to the same billet family and other billets getting the experience of getting to know new players from all across North America.

Not only do you develop a close relationship with your ball player but also with his parents. He will somewhat become your surrogate family member often touching base during the off-season to see how life is treating each other. The players develop a special bond with your kids, doing everything from playing catch and teaching them baseball skills to generally just being friends, mentors, and an older brother.

We would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone interested. If you are interested in billeting or are in need of more information please contact Rayleen – Moose Jaw Miller Express at 306-630-8459.

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