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No Postponements, Cancellations Yet For Miller Express Season

Despite the U.S. border shutdown and the cancellation of many public events for the next couple of months, the Moose Jaw Miller Express are still hoping to go ahead with their 2020 Western Canadian Baseball League season.

With summer collegiate baseball, it's not just as easy as postponing the start for an indefinite period of time.

“I guess we’re hoping there’s going to be a season in its entirety going forward, or at least if its delayed a bit we can at least get a partial season,” said Millers general manager Cory Olafson. “The league is just putting out some feelers to us in correspondence to us just telling us that they’re monitoring the situation for us the best they can.”

As of now, Olafson said they're planning on business as usual for the summer. There has been no indication of any delay to this point.

The Canada-U.S. border is closed to non-essential traffic for the near future and no one with any political clout is yet saying summer collegiate baseball would be considered essential.

With many of the players not only coming from U.S. backgrounds, but even some Canadians playing in the U.S. college ranks, it dwindles the potential playing pool considerably.

“The problem with our season getting postponed is we have a certain window to get it in,” Olafson said. “That window is between when the universities end and when it begins again. Our players are all university players. So we can’t postpone it and have it overlap with the U.S. college year. I imagine they’ll just erase the season for the entire summer. We’re hoping that doesn’t happen.”

The opening day of the Miller Express season is scheduled for May 27 at Ross Wells Park against Swift Current.

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